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August 06, 2010

One Red Paper Note~

'July past,
The train on the journey,
Heading to its destination,

Not chasing those who left behind.'

The opening day of the August. A week past so fast and its only 3 weeks left for August. Where the time is getting a lot more older and things are getting more buzz out. Over times when I look at the calendar, our time isn't much longer to be spend. On the upcoming year, I don't know how far we'll be from each other. Right now Imma precious our time and plant surprise every time when I gets to see her. Imma let her know how much I love her. I still remember early of the year I said,

"If it takes my strength to win your heart,
I'll be a warrior to fight for it."

Its an evil blood I couldn't eliminate easily in myself. I always wanna be the winner. But so far, so good. I made a  lot of change. I could wash out the shadow a little in myself. I realize its not worth winning a title. Just another cigar to be spent.

Its been ages I diddn't write them. Here I'll left a note I personally put my heart in it... Its been awhile I stop.

"A bear that you hug,
When the melody plays in my mind,
One soul could be listen,
One love is fantastic.

A personal line,
I put my heart,
Sensitivity blocks me,
To take it easy.

The birds are singing,
Same song like yesterday,
On the upcoming day,
It'll bee repetitive,
They never gets bored,
Cause the love still burns.

What if I could have a wing,
I would fly by her side now,
I'll bring her to the sky,
And together we watch the world.

Touch the cloud and hold my hand,
Listen to my heart whisper the same.

The grass are dancing,
The night is whispering,
The day is shining,
In my life,
I'll always love you~'


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