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August 25, 2010

Take My Hand & Run

'People will start thinking of responsibility for their action
And things played on starting from one step of a time starting from this second,
We all have been DEGRADED,
We all will be the GREATEST.'
By The Maine

Let's scream it out,

I put my arms to the air giving a salutation,
Starting from last night,
I made a start line with my love,
I put my last bow here,
Not leaving what I am but,
Forward for a different way,
Without changing me,
Just change this life,
Make it us~

That is what I really wanted. Wanting someone would take my hand and run with me, creating a life on our own journey without even give a damn on what others might think. I'm tired of listening to those voices that keeps making me look bad. Here I run forward to achieve a goal. My goal... No, our goal. It starts here. Catching that beautiful lights together with her pretty face, I could see the most beautiful flare through her smile. A reflection that speaks to me.

Tonight, I light this candle up.

You and I, never say goodbye. It just begins, for us to find where we are accept and to find our own home.

Here smile keeps playing in my mind. It makes me feel weak and unforgettable scene. Her smile, touch and kiss. I could that sparkling eyes crying a happiness inside like the way I do. A flame is burning my heart that keeps me warm. By the moment, this love burns for her.

A Rose, red as blood, a passion of love, romance...

The only things matter in my life,
Is you and I.

Take my hand, let's run... Go there, searching for space and home. Ignoring whatever the others will say, we move on on our own time.

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