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August 22, 2010

To The Ultimate, I'm A Shadow

They say a traveler should have seen the truth on the lens of a camera.
They say a journey could be made with a single ride on our pride.
They say money you'll get everything you want but fuck it!
Can I put my journey on a pace to help the helpless...


Seems like I ain't helping a single line if I can't even help myself. Knowing a harsh time and terrible lives, I'll willing to be the ultimate shadow of strength just to defend them. Defend those who are helpless. Doesn't matter relatives, friends or even strangers but hey... This heart, this pure soul and this single light... I wanna brighten them. Put aside my own things and discover a single... A single...

Just a single piece of love that could begins from a seed to lighten the whole garden... Maybe that would be great...


What's so good about knowing the truth? It makes me felt powerless... All I could do is watch. I wish I really could take their place and step off from the bottom line but this shit ain't working out... If I could only defend the whole town smiles in the world, I would have done that... If only the shadow would stand on me, I'll take the pace and walk along with it... Knowing myself is less important, it don't matter much but I just can't stop thinking about a miracle rain...

Fuck it...

Over the pace it takes, I found these damn fools fooling around like bunch of losers. Money always turns into a role play. You roll the dice, you'll make it twice.

I blow a small wind wishing I could make it cold but yet it seems useless... I just... Maybe I don't understand or maybe... I guess no.. I just wanting a beautiful light to be seen all years long in my entire life but things.. It goes black and white, I tie my tie and wear a suit... Not even a lie for to stop walking the fault line but...

What it gets? What can I take? Or does people even understand the word suffer isn't as simple as it seems?

It just... Harder than it seems but why... Why you people couldn't stop acting selfish?

Just a single... Shit to be made~


.AshRalph McMisery. said...

cool dude !
I do adore the way u snapped a picture !
thumbs up !

Liz Mayne Lim said...

Thanks Ash :)