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August 01, 2010


There are two kind of relationship :-
1 - get together then knowing each other
2 - get to know each other and then start to get closer

When it comes to 1. You'll always know the same thing. You'll be afraid when you gets to know her. Here is the thing, what if you love her look but when you know her she isn't something you want to be with? What if you love the way she treats you but you don't know what's her eyes color?

As the matter of fact I know,
That's not relationship. Relationship is all about someone you wanna be with. Someone that makes you feel adored, fantastic and amazed your life with everything. Someone that you love her personalities. You know her eyes color, her behavior, what she likes to do and everything about her. Not even a part you get to see her ugly and that's what true love is. Doesn't matter how she looks, how she dress or how she acts. Its all about her being with you that makes you think this world is just nothing without her. I felt that all the time.

The 3 line, I Love You~

Do you believe it for the first line? Do you think it could be real? Then it goes why do you love her? Which part? I have my answer, its her, I love her. Every single piece of her. Her heart is the main part. Is not to how she is I love, is to who she is I love. She's the most fantastic thing happen in my life. That picked up every pieces of my broken glass and fix them as a brand new love. I never felt so happy and amazing. Its like I am the world most luckiest guy.

First kiss to the lips?
When is it? Few days after you date? Are you giving all the trust? Trust is a hard decision to make. Guy should wait until she had the answer and if she says no. You can make her say yes. Show it to her and she can trust you and when she does, its your responsibility to not giving her a fake hope. Once the glass is broken, when you try to pick it up, you'll get scratch. 

Love or Lust?
Are you just a fuel to the fire? Love or lust is a different thing. Love for lust isn't love. Everyone do have lust but love is not the bridge to satisfy it. However sweet the talk is, if it was for lust and satisfaction. Don't say I love you to her because that'll be a lie. Just another fake hope you'll give. If doesn't do so won't let you get you want? So? That's better that giving her what she don't want. We are all people so view everyone as a person. Have heart remember.

Every time when I talk about her. It keeps me smiling and I never felt very fantastic in my life. I know my decision this time is the best thing. I picked the right line and I love her so much. My heart was taken and my eyes got attracted to her and only. I miss her a lot...

"Trust isn't a game or just a line slide. Trust is the biggest thing and decision you'll make to be in a relationship. When you get to say yes. One can be broken if another doesn't take the answer seriously. When she trusts you, don't let her regret for trusting you."


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