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August 03, 2010

A Violin To My Heart, A Love As My Home

"A play, a role,

Just rare, to hold."

When I look through my times I spent, the year of 2010. It makes me smile and happy. The best year for me where thing started to change and life is getting a lot more better. God, I thank you all for listening to my soul whispering and I'll appreciate everything you give me. Nothing much I can thank you except my appreciation.

When my pace stop at a spot, I found this rarely seen angel comes to keep up with my pace. We walk together. All the laughing and crying... We get through it together. By time when I could hear the wind is whispering, I feel the loneliness and its cold. However it still felt warmth cause the love still burns in us.

A hug,
It keeps me calm and breathless. Everything in this whole life, nothing much I could listen then just us standing on the field widely filled with emptiness but romance together. The grass and sky, they watch us. The green and blue, they are our eyes. The melody played in our heart, an adoring sweet sound for one another. Where I could here the tone of her loving me and me loving her. Even if I close my eyes, her scent could appear around. Knowing that someone is calling me, it'll always be her. The only person that's been watching me and guiding me. The angel that gimme a faith that there are wings for me to fly.

A smile,
It keeps me smiling and my heart felt safe. Its clear that nothing is bothering me. Everything I could see through this busy slide, she's there at the edge. The most beautiful person standing at the center of the noise, that's her there walking on a direction. I come across the town and follow her step. Slowly I walk beside her. Then, I hold her hand and we walk our line, our pace. Where it begins, she with me.

A kiss,
Knowing the most fantastic moment in this life. A kiss that burns me in fire. A kiss that makes me felt. I was adored. A kiss, that means everything for me. A kiss, where it stands I Love You.

Moments like this, is always something I want. Just us over the busy town. Watching the butterflies, flowers, and sun sets together. With her leaning on my shoulder, I could be crying for that happy time. I couldn't picture or describe how fantastic it'll be. A happiness I couldn't just note on words but could be whispered on my tears. Catching her scent all over me, knowing she's beside me. I would have sleep and by the time I got up. I could see the love one is there when I open my eyes. I always want that... But the wall of busyness and life's stage is keeping a distance of me from her. Looking at the calendar, 8 months has gone so fast. Dragging our time to spend from us. Over dreams I whisper. Over dreams I see the fantasy. But the happiness gone when I got up. I want an ink....

An ink,
To sketch us lots of sweet memories. To sketch us and frame together. To sketch us with an unexpected happiness. I'll ring the bell and start with a pen and a piece of paper. In a town with great people and in a house where we could live there and spend the rest of our life together. When summer comes, we felt them together. When it passed, we never leave the summer in our heart. My love to keep her warmth and comfortable. Her that adores me...

Together with the sun rises and sets. We fill a black and white box with beautiful shading and color.

P.S~ I miss You, Jenn~ 


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