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August 23, 2010

Will This House Be A Home Again?

I wake up and stop letting things take away my spirit... Here I put a riot from my heart. Where I use to stop crying like that little boy but keep screaming and play hard music knowing its like my blood. To be the way I wanna be... Ain't desperate enough to be someone I don't wanna be...

I put those word and fuck up a little in the middle position but hey, don't ever compare me to someone...

Does this house seems like a home again?
Where you felt you don't belong to somewhere...

I just wanting to start up and mess up a little bit with an evil smile but a pure heart knowing people would judge me bad, a stupid face I won't give a fuck cause hey... I like to be this, to be wild and crazy... Breaking guitar, breaking glass or break the chain. Here one pace I could describe in one single home, to be hurt.

Push me out let the door open. Showing me a landing wings that to let me free but freedom doesn't lead to stupidity.Teachers always said, one cause teen gets stupid is because of freedom. Too much freedom lead to crime but I won't give a damn on that statement... Freedom doesn't goes that way. It just how locked they are and not always free but feeling free like for the first time after prison I might screw things up. Crime? I don't do that. Why? Because I have my style... My position ain't rank up like master in all those places I don't fucking care...

I did my paper today and the question is why student fail on test? The greatest answer I wrote is, force.. 

Yeah force... My place don't step in if you want me to step out. Its easy play? Owh yeah...


Here is my home... 

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