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September 26, 2010

Life Planning

I am young and very stupid,
That's what people told me,
Some certain time I agree,
But I never give a fuck.

Life is always my way,
Not one can tell me where to choose,
But I can hear recommendation,
But I hate being force,
And I just wanna be where I suppose to be.

I put it in my heart,
One day there is gonna be a huge distance,
I'm afraid of that and I am scared,
Of losing the one heart that I only had,
Some people said,
'Flower can be plug in a garden,
You can pick one and have a lots more'

But as the matter of fact,
That isn't romance of love.
To me that was stupid,
Here I put it in a line,
There is only a butterfly to catch,
There are flowers...

I tell you what,
Not every flowers just the same,
And I found a butterfly instead of flowers,
A perfect one,
And I'm not wanting a relationship,
I want a true love...

I don't care how many flowers can be plug but hey,
I wanna plant one,
Grow it,
Water it,
Take good care of it,

All I want is,
To keep distance together with her,
Never felt separated...

September 23, 2010

Pure Moon, A Bitter Sweet Beauty

Its a lifetime respect,
Its all about the shit I've made before,
Time wasn't long enough,
Or maybe,
This heart of this man just dead.

Love is just beautiful,
But life set up a rules of distance,

But when it gets into the ride of fantasy,
Everything just fucking lies,
Beauty of a broken violin,
What we say isn't what we'll get,
What we wish isn't what we'll see,
What we dream isn't reality,
But it could be change...


If I can change it so the story could be continue...

Reality suck,
I'm your biggest anarchy...

You set up rules,
That is so cruel...
Test is just harsh and fuck it,
The silliest thing this life is living a lie,
I scream it our loud...

I AM ANARCHIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm just the one...
who cried like the most pathetic person and guess what?! 

Well LIFE IS UNFAIR and shit,

God I ask you! 
You washed my brain and set the rules of life but why when the perfect thing in this life for me,
You give it to me! But?!
You have to make it that way? Taking it away from me?
What's the point of living?
What's the definition of perfect love and true love?

Rather than thinking of what way I should take,
What journey I should make,
Which shit I should live and see,
Or a test paper to be brave,
I set it here clean and fucking stupid,
I rather end everything so tomorrow,
I won't have a day and everyday can have their life,
Not listen to a pathetic speaking meaningless English!!

Today is a special day,
Today is the most meaningful day ,
Today supposed to be a beautiful day...

But this stupid life in this stupid world,
Over this idiotic journey,
I break my legs to walk,
I break my arms to work,
But I did all that,
To love....

But why must there a rule saying couple can't marry each other of unless oneself have to give it up... and...
Why must there a rule saying I am forbidden from giving it up?
I would end up senseless and not getting anything anyway...
What can I choose?
I got no option...

That's cause the world don't treat me right,
I fuck the world!

However, I'm vulnerable to do so,

Because God,
You don't gimme any choice or option,
You don't even gimme a pair of wings to fly,
To don't even make me blind, deaf or dumb...
Why must it happened that way?




I'm willing to give up my dreams or anything,
If You would give me a key,
To be hers...

And people will ask me why I must choose this way...

The answer, because I love her,
and because,
I'm your biggest anarchist.

September 20, 2010

I'm Rebel & Anarchy but I'm Not A Shit

They told me the same thing. I am not stupid, I just not doing well yet. But hey, I made a chance... Sadly, not much could realize that... I wish I could change their way of some people view me but the more I try to the more I was giving a senseless hope. Its okay cause I don't care... Put down my camera giving up anarchy, just a fake happiness for them but not to me. I study... I study and study again... I did but they just don't see me that way. I don't wanna care but I just want some support. How I wish my hero could felt proud for what I've been... Seems like it just another wasted of tries but its okay, I feel sorry I can never be good enough for you... But you can't change me because I'm trying to be a gold for you to be proud but I just can't in the way you wanted me to... 

Remembering my hero before...
We spent our times and fun together.. Giving me spiritual words and strong guides so I could be one worth gift from God for you. Before you were a hero but then when times and busyness separates us... I'm less being care and before I was important, maybe not the most but slowly... You watch me and look at me as the worst person you've seen.... 

Look at me and talk to me, I never stop trying but I just want you to know, this rebellion born naturally. Maybe its not from how I being influenced by music as you said but Ill never listen to those musics if you don't ask me too but its just late...

Sorry, but I stated here,
I miss that hero,
and with love,

September 19, 2010

Love Note~

This heart is yours,
This love is ours,
This life we share,
This sweetness we care,
Romance I lay for you,
Just you & I in our fantasy...

This box, I wrap it over,
I keep a red apple in it,
Send it to your door,
Land it on the floor.

When you open it,
You'll smile,
Seeing a piece of note,
Invisible but appears on the gift,
"I love you, sweetheart"


September 15, 2010

Just Like Everybody Else~

On a stupid walk over the time,
On a single bit of laugh I smile a bit,
On a single letter, an opening,
From the voices of our life,
It sounds a little less silly to say.

A dissatisfaction,
Pathetic the way it seems,
On an uncovered album of journey,
Over photographs that took,
One pace doesn't seem to be made,
An opening, a sacrificing time,
Open the clock and find its battery...

Over cell of time been talking,
From an edge to the grave,
Dead at the line over a year,
One face and again at one play,
A shit to begin from the ultimate lame.

People like me,
We're just no one to them~ 

September 10, 2010

A Gift Box

One small little box. It goes cute and romantic. You never know if its a ring in it... Is he gonna purpose you? What if it comes with a flower? We'll never know what's in the box until we open it.

One big box. Big... Very big... What if its something big, real big but... Size of those things in the box, I don't care. We don't know what comes in when it goes out. We don't know what's behind the wall if we keep guessing instead of checking. Just like us, they judge by the way we look... Where we come from, who are we, money, status... It just doesn't make sense...

You don't know in that little box is a diamond... You don't know if that big box is just a bag. Or maybe anything... But boxes represent something in our life. Sometime even a simple bag needs appreciation. Cause its a gift, its free. Take it and appreciate it. Don't matter that thing in the box, is cheap or whatever. Cause in this life, not everyone have a luxury beauty. The heart, is a different thing.

Let just say a small box...

What if its a ring? Priceless ring?

At that position you'll smile and guess what... It just a box. It just the cover... Like us. We're inside our box. What color is your box? How big or small is it, it don't matter much... Let it be a luxury inside that box...


September 04, 2010

'A', an Opening.What It Stands When It Comes To The End?

Begins with the letter a,
'An opening~'

Its been almost a week, just make it 5 days straight. Its been almost a year, well it goes the 9Th months we're standing on... 9 months...

Not even a bit, I walk backward. To be real, I never did. For this fantastic when I was given a pace to be made. Maybe just that way in front of us but we just abandon it. However, a girl that's been amazed my life made me walk that way. At the edge of that pace I found that light... That happy light.. It makes me smile, laugh and gone crazy a little. Sometime when I gone deeper, I have tears in my eyes. An unframed happiness. It just flows that way to the bottom of your heart. At that time when you're in my place, you'll be like...

"Owh God you made it!"

When it comes that way... We gone so far and we flowing with the winds. Not even a bit from any single talk could stop you down but careful, sometime... We just move the wrong path and screw things up. I watch my every single step and take my breath slow and patiently I wait. By the bottom line when I traveled far I found this crystal... Its very beautiful. Sparkling sparkling. Unexplainable moments.

That girl who walks with me, she holds my hand and together we run... Run to that path where happiness to be achieved. By that time when I look at her, I just smile and sometime I laugh a little bit... But my eyes are just wet... Its sparkling like a crystal. A beautiful light is seen. Isn't its obvious? That light represents a hope...


*From the above notes I wrote... Can you define what 'a' stands for if it goes an opening, what's in the end?
-The answer, 'Appreciations


September 02, 2010

Walk Back , Step Front ~

I open my closet today and take on my pace,
A journey of the mighty one... 

"Thou shall be two side,
Our own or home"

After I done my hair today I realize... There is something about that guy in the mirror... Well the harder it seems the deeper it was. I try to open up my heart and I try to talk. When those voices and advices stomp me down on my knee. I stand and never bow to dark side. I'll just be the ultimate shadow but never walk away just... I'll be in that box...

Just feelings. A garden of happiness. When I try to take an object and try to break the glass, my hand stop... Liz, wake up? Where have you been... Where have I'm lost?

A direction?
On a home where I use to be. On the old story I use to cry with. On the pace I traveled along... Seeing myself again...

There is a huge difference... And I guess I made it there. I be able to see it now, that small beautiful light at dawn. That lovely smile that makes me close my eyes and kiss her eyes... Goodnight goodnight, never say goodbye.

What's left off really gone now,
Slowly I walk away from a small single life to a better style... I be able to smile with the stars and felt the happiness inside. With her in my arms... Is like a dream come true. When I wake up I open my eyes, all I could think first was her... It starts and some sweetness begins. I put my anger backward and keep myself weak and soft... Let it be... Whatever happened, I don't wanna hold to it.

The cover of me that I've been. With the madness of the look and an evil smile. I walk back before August. No, it never been that way. I'm not that anymore. I'll just be whoever I'm actually am. I lost my inspiration, I guess that's how it makes me... 

Breath for now,
A box, It goes Black & White~ 

Liz~ I'll be~