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September 04, 2010

'A', an Opening.What It Stands When It Comes To The End?

Begins with the letter a,
'An opening~'

Its been almost a week, just make it 5 days straight. Its been almost a year, well it goes the 9Th months we're standing on... 9 months...

Not even a bit, I walk backward. To be real, I never did. For this fantastic when I was given a pace to be made. Maybe just that way in front of us but we just abandon it. However, a girl that's been amazed my life made me walk that way. At the edge of that pace I found that light... That happy light.. It makes me smile, laugh and gone crazy a little. Sometime when I gone deeper, I have tears in my eyes. An unframed happiness. It just flows that way to the bottom of your heart. At that time when you're in my place, you'll be like...

"Owh God you made it!"

When it comes that way... We gone so far and we flowing with the winds. Not even a bit from any single talk could stop you down but careful, sometime... We just move the wrong path and screw things up. I watch my every single step and take my breath slow and patiently I wait. By the bottom line when I traveled far I found this crystal... Its very beautiful. Sparkling sparkling. Unexplainable moments.

That girl who walks with me, she holds my hand and together we run... Run to that path where happiness to be achieved. By that time when I look at her, I just smile and sometime I laugh a little bit... But my eyes are just wet... Its sparkling like a crystal. A beautiful light is seen. Isn't its obvious? That light represents a hope...


*From the above notes I wrote... Can you define what 'a' stands for if it goes an opening, what's in the end?
-The answer, 'Appreciations


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