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September 10, 2010

A Gift Box

One small little box. It goes cute and romantic. You never know if its a ring in it... Is he gonna purpose you? What if it comes with a flower? We'll never know what's in the box until we open it.

One big box. Big... Very big... What if its something big, real big but... Size of those things in the box, I don't care. We don't know what comes in when it goes out. We don't know what's behind the wall if we keep guessing instead of checking. Just like us, they judge by the way we look... Where we come from, who are we, money, status... It just doesn't make sense...

You don't know in that little box is a diamond... You don't know if that big box is just a bag. Or maybe anything... But boxes represent something in our life. Sometime even a simple bag needs appreciation. Cause its a gift, its free. Take it and appreciate it. Don't matter that thing in the box, is cheap or whatever. Cause in this life, not everyone have a luxury beauty. The heart, is a different thing.

Let just say a small box...

What if its a ring? Priceless ring?

At that position you'll smile and guess what... It just a box. It just the cover... Like us. We're inside our box. What color is your box? How big or small is it, it don't matter much... Let it be a luxury inside that box...


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