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September 20, 2010

I'm Rebel & Anarchy but I'm Not A Shit

They told me the same thing. I am not stupid, I just not doing well yet. But hey, I made a chance... Sadly, not much could realize that... I wish I could change their way of some people view me but the more I try to the more I was giving a senseless hope. Its okay cause I don't care... Put down my camera giving up anarchy, just a fake happiness for them but not to me. I study... I study and study again... I did but they just don't see me that way. I don't wanna care but I just want some support. How I wish my hero could felt proud for what I've been... Seems like it just another wasted of tries but its okay, I feel sorry I can never be good enough for you... But you can't change me because I'm trying to be a gold for you to be proud but I just can't in the way you wanted me to... 

Remembering my hero before...
We spent our times and fun together.. Giving me spiritual words and strong guides so I could be one worth gift from God for you. Before you were a hero but then when times and busyness separates us... I'm less being care and before I was important, maybe not the most but slowly... You watch me and look at me as the worst person you've seen.... 

Look at me and talk to me, I never stop trying but I just want you to know, this rebellion born naturally. Maybe its not from how I being influenced by music as you said but Ill never listen to those musics if you don't ask me too but its just late...

Sorry, but I stated here,
I miss that hero,
and with love,

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