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September 26, 2010

Life Planning

I am young and very stupid,
That's what people told me,
Some certain time I agree,
But I never give a fuck.

Life is always my way,
Not one can tell me where to choose,
But I can hear recommendation,
But I hate being force,
And I just wanna be where I suppose to be.

I put it in my heart,
One day there is gonna be a huge distance,
I'm afraid of that and I am scared,
Of losing the one heart that I only had,
Some people said,
'Flower can be plug in a garden,
You can pick one and have a lots more'

But as the matter of fact,
That isn't romance of love.
To me that was stupid,
Here I put it in a line,
There is only a butterfly to catch,
There are flowers...

I tell you what,
Not every flowers just the same,
And I found a butterfly instead of flowers,
A perfect one,
And I'm not wanting a relationship,
I want a true love...

I don't care how many flowers can be plug but hey,
I wanna plant one,
Grow it,
Water it,
Take good care of it,

All I want is,
To keep distance together with her,
Never felt separated...

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