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October 26, 2010

Fallen Summer On October

Thousands of people I heard,
Over years that past,
In my head that have a thought,
Over the world that surrounded me,
This heart on a silent summer.

Its October of the year,
On October road,
This anvil rusted,
On the scar that shows we care a lot,
Sees the sky we dream,
Planted to us.

One two three I scream out loud and loud,
Let the world heard it,
I am Liz,
The past is a....
Was just past,
The old me has die inside this heart,
Not the person,
Not the feeling,
Because sees into the heart,
I love the same person I always do.

A cup of coke,
That I just bought,
So wasted it drops,
Meaningless lost.

"Gimme magic, set me free, tell logic, let it be"

On a rainy Tuesday,
My test was a shit today,
I take out my camera and a photograph,
God, this ain't gonna be the same,
Maybe I used to hold on to it,
Its a new start,
Let it free...
Set me free,
Let us go

A shot to head with a tactical 50,
It wasn't born enough to get 15,
Before I placed it in a book,
Now, I take it where I took,
I'll never stand on that hook

"I wish I was shot, I wish I was found. It just a thought, that I never bound"

If only I could put down my camera, guitar and writing. Giving up anarchy... That just if, which is impossibly happen because I am rebel that goes into the deepest part where you won't find an answer if you just didn't look at me properly..... But whatever, I'm happy that way. Reasons? Figure it out, I ain't giving a fuck. It just that simple.

"Open your eyes,
See it deep,
Don't say good bye,
I won't leave"


October 24, 2010

Way Back To Yesterday

Its plain and simple,
Its purely beautiful,
The blue sky with white clouds,
The green green grass and town.

The waves and the ocean,
Deep in the sea the water gets clean,
A butterfly to capture in the eyes,
An evening of silence from crowd.

Yesterday it all happened,
Tomorrow will be a change,
Past Valentine I was remembered,
Today I was known.

Being ordinary doesn't mean nothing,
Being special but how long would it be?
Being original just being the truth,
Being different means another word of special.

The song I used to listen,
It ain't the same for now,
The person I used to be,
Is still the old one but its never the same,
Things change.

"Thyself shall hold on the power, taking it for goods to defend those smiles."

A painted room permanently,
The color could never be erased but pasted.
If only I could ever walk back before I was 13,
But I could only create not change memories.

Red rose for today wilt by tomorrow,
Yesterday was purple but it ain't make much difference.
What happened already happened,
Tomorrow it'll never be the same,
But what begins since love blossoms,
Tomorrow it never change.

Monday begins with aim(M) or(O) ain't(N),
Sunday starts before as(S) you(U) and(N),
But its all never happened without the(D) air(A) why(Y)?
Day after days,
Time after times,
All that past,
Its alright,
Because real life & love,
It just begins.

The note above I stated it like how before I used to write. Its how I used to post things on the old theme for 'Whisper In Silence'. Today I wanna start it again like how it used to be. I hope you'll like it. I just wanna inspire people....  

"What we have is what's left today"

October 19, 2010

Goodbye, But I Will Never Leave You

Goodbye I said,
Just distance in between us not the love, or us.. I'm just right here for you even our distance is far but I will never leave you. I'll be just right there for you all the time. I wish I could be with you now but we're just have this drain in between us. School, places, time and every shit but I will never leave.. I'm always right here as a writer of this blog and as the love one in your heart. Its pure... I miss you. I can't wait to see you again...

Slowly I breath in and ever single inhalation, you are my oxygen. Just by the side of your heart, I'm always there until death would take me away but it won't be so soon because I know... I'm not God to know but I'm sure I will always stay until my dream comes through...

When I close my eyes, I see you even in the hardest time, I'm still thinking of you. Even how much air I need to breath, it'll always enough with you... When I'm not around, nothing feels right, every second when I'm with you is counted and by the hours past, I miss you. Ever single piece of you, I miss you... I promise you I will be back and never leave, I'll keep that inside my heart.

Its quiet, in the hospital, I''m scared.... Just close my eyes waiting for my turn, waiting the result... I'm thinking of every second with you... Your love is like wings to me, that set me free from pain and worries. If I could be with you now, I wanna kiss you and hug you like we used to... As long as I can, tight and I don't wanna let go....

Whatever it takes, I'll never break the promise... All we have is what's left today but no matter, you'll have me as the only Liz that you'll know.

I love you,
I miss you,

October 18, 2010

School's & Prison

Lately, I see people... They teach me a lesson, that literally, they ain't no stupid but really damn blind...

Let's state it clear, especially honestly, my teachers... Some they could really understand, some they think they do but hell, not even a bit.... Probably they are reading this or maybe not... But if they do, they wouldn't read to the bottom of the post because this post seems pathetic or stupid or just another teenage punk who is obsess with his rebellious notes, true cause I am but you're wrong at one point...

I tell you what... Look at me properly next time...

Anarchy is one part of the key of my heart to get against you. Its not that I hate you but when I sit there thinking of future, you got me into a state and call my dream is silly like trash or shitty but when I put myself into some part of you rebellious student, I know where I wanna go and what is stupid. Probably I am bad, really bad... So what? Do I ever give a fuck? Not at all because that's what you think about me... Teacher taught me 'do not judge the book by its cover'... Can I believe that teacher? You didn't prove it cause me, you didn't view me properly. Look at me, what do you see? Maybe I'm not better, maybe I got no money, maybe I'm stupid but maybe you all wrong.

I play music, those music that you hate so much. I'm like an animal to you but I'm not faking myself, here is a truth. I'm just being the wind in your fucking rich palace. I can't walk free, yeah.... I had a silly knee that is pushing me so fucking bad... If you in me you won't have a day without pain... I wish all those thing I did I could feel free but hell, school is just prison where it decides to teach you what to think not learning how to think... No wonder why people hates school, money is their first priority, decide what's other future will be, that is so...

You know.... To be clear, I'm not a prisoner or a puppy even a dog. I'm deaf, blind or say it whatever, when you did so I proved to you, you're wrong, bet you don't realize because my mind and your, isn't the same. Yours is a book set-up definition in a black shadow where you wish everyone just like you and mine is what's truth through my lens.

Maybe I ruin the class or hate study so fucking much but you never realize, I do study maybe ain't good enough but I can tell you, you're wrong... 

Is it so hard to understand this? I bet it is, that goes heartless.... Its simple ok, look at me properly now.... 

October 06, 2010


Time making me felt like...
Damn it,
Could our time be a little more fucking longer?
Will this time stop at every second when I want to?

Could it move a little bit slower?
Waiting felt like forever but spending,
Its like happened just now,
So soon...
Real soon....

Fuck it,
I look down on the ground,
What a rainy day...
What a morning kiss,
What an empty time,
What the....

What the pace move on for?

I'm feeling vulnerable as time gets far away like our distance will be...
Will God protects you when I'm not there for you?
Its not that I don't want to but I just can't...
When I'm there my heart beats fast and crazy,
Just wonder how are you doing there?
Is everything okay?
Do you miss me?

Whatever it'll be....
Damn it..................
I'm not there enough, this fucking distance trying to separate us.
I always wanna reach you and kiss you,
Whenever you think of me,
I wish I could be your side...
Singing you love song,
Touch you as much as I adore you,
I cuddle you with sweet romance...

When the morning comes,
I dream when I wake up,
You just in my arms,
Warm and tight...
By the time you wake up,
I will kiss you and smile at you.
But then again when I look from my eyes now,
Tears are falling......
To my face I whisper....

I love you...