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October 26, 2010

Fallen Summer On October

Thousands of people I heard,
Over years that past,
In my head that have a thought,
Over the world that surrounded me,
This heart on a silent summer.

Its October of the year,
On October road,
This anvil rusted,
On the scar that shows we care a lot,
Sees the sky we dream,
Planted to us.

One two three I scream out loud and loud,
Let the world heard it,
I am Liz,
The past is a....
Was just past,
The old me has die inside this heart,
Not the person,
Not the feeling,
Because sees into the heart,
I love the same person I always do.

A cup of coke,
That I just bought,
So wasted it drops,
Meaningless lost.

"Gimme magic, set me free, tell logic, let it be"

On a rainy Tuesday,
My test was a shit today,
I take out my camera and a photograph,
God, this ain't gonna be the same,
Maybe I used to hold on to it,
Its a new start,
Let it free...
Set me free,
Let us go

A shot to head with a tactical 50,
It wasn't born enough to get 15,
Before I placed it in a book,
Now, I take it where I took,
I'll never stand on that hook

"I wish I was shot, I wish I was found. It just a thought, that I never bound"

If only I could put down my camera, guitar and writing. Giving up anarchy... That just if, which is impossibly happen because I am rebel that goes into the deepest part where you won't find an answer if you just didn't look at me properly..... But whatever, I'm happy that way. Reasons? Figure it out, I ain't giving a fuck. It just that simple.

"Open your eyes,
See it deep,
Don't say good bye,
I won't leave"


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