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October 24, 2010

Way Back To Yesterday

Its plain and simple,
Its purely beautiful,
The blue sky with white clouds,
The green green grass and town.

The waves and the ocean,
Deep in the sea the water gets clean,
A butterfly to capture in the eyes,
An evening of silence from crowd.

Yesterday it all happened,
Tomorrow will be a change,
Past Valentine I was remembered,
Today I was known.

Being ordinary doesn't mean nothing,
Being special but how long would it be?
Being original just being the truth,
Being different means another word of special.

The song I used to listen,
It ain't the same for now,
The person I used to be,
Is still the old one but its never the same,
Things change.

"Thyself shall hold on the power, taking it for goods to defend those smiles."

A painted room permanently,
The color could never be erased but pasted.
If only I could ever walk back before I was 13,
But I could only create not change memories.

Red rose for today wilt by tomorrow,
Yesterday was purple but it ain't make much difference.
What happened already happened,
Tomorrow it'll never be the same,
But what begins since love blossoms,
Tomorrow it never change.

Monday begins with aim(M) or(O) ain't(N),
Sunday starts before as(S) you(U) and(N),
But its all never happened without the(D) air(A) why(Y)?
Day after days,
Time after times,
All that past,
Its alright,
Because real life & love,
It just begins.

The note above I stated it like how before I used to write. Its how I used to post things on the old theme for 'Whisper In Silence'. Today I wanna start it again like how it used to be. I hope you'll like it. I just wanna inspire people....  

"What we have is what's left today"

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