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October 06, 2010


Time making me felt like...
Damn it,
Could our time be a little more fucking longer?
Will this time stop at every second when I want to?

Could it move a little bit slower?
Waiting felt like forever but spending,
Its like happened just now,
So soon...
Real soon....

Fuck it,
I look down on the ground,
What a rainy day...
What a morning kiss,
What an empty time,
What the....

What the pace move on for?

I'm feeling vulnerable as time gets far away like our distance will be...
Will God protects you when I'm not there for you?
Its not that I don't want to but I just can't...
When I'm there my heart beats fast and crazy,
Just wonder how are you doing there?
Is everything okay?
Do you miss me?

Whatever it'll be....
Damn it..................
I'm not there enough, this fucking distance trying to separate us.
I always wanna reach you and kiss you,
Whenever you think of me,
I wish I could be your side...
Singing you love song,
Touch you as much as I adore you,
I cuddle you with sweet romance...

When the morning comes,
I dream when I wake up,
You just in my arms,
Warm and tight...
By the time you wake up,
I will kiss you and smile at you.
But then again when I look from my eyes now,
Tears are falling......
To my face I whisper....

I love you...

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