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November 12, 2010

A Tissue Box

I just went back from a dinner today. Pretty fun. Not so bad after all but its sucks at a certain point. Relationship always covered under this shadow of rules. Why must all this really this stupid? Distance and everything. I go against you. You can say anything or fuck the words on me. I just wanna make the night special. Sadly, I can't. I was about to make the night a flame of romantic lights. Their view are blindly unexplainable. All those fucking words, I'm tired of it and let everybody put every single shit on me. Say it out loud, I'll never respect anyway. 

You're the place I land my complain,
Its where I shall be fallen as a humble warrior,
I put down my rank and status,
I'm down on my knee and I close my eyes,
I'm sinful, blind and lost.

Normally you give people all,
More than enough,
Just that people gone greedy,
I admit myself,
I am one.

I look down on the ground,
Drop by drops,
My tears fall on the ground,
I smile a bit,
And at the same time I take a look at myself,
That just pathetic.

Everything in this whole life,
It seems a lie,
I don't know what's going on,
War is over and people are trying to start them,
People are states different rank,
But discriminated according to money.

Tell me what is going on?

If I could just close my eyes,
Until I find the answer,
I'll do exactly that,
Until when I open my eyes,
I'm gonna face another thing............

What if one day when I grow up,
I have a left what I can't?
I'm not giving up on believing,
I just wanna see the truth in this hope,
Is it real?
Am I gonna choked up in the end?
What if one day I wake up,
The future from my past in my mind,
Its all a lie?

What if one day when time comes,
I wake up and see one thing out of nothing?
What if that's the only I wanna see again,
And I don't wanna live without it?
Will the world give everyone a decision to make?

I just felt like this world is a shit,
I'm just a fucking abandon lost inside,
I found a hope,
But this hope,
Its ain't clear enough.
I felt it in my heart its real,
This is gonna be beautiful,
But the bottom like,
I was might be dreaming.

Its cold and lonely,
I wasn't listened,
Playing a lonely dice,
Its unexplainable...
I don't get where it heads.

"One day when I look toward the sky, I will realize. I could smile the last I cant"

November 07, 2010

"The Gun is Load, You Gonna pull The Trigger?

Look down on everyone,
A fragile soul taking the answer.
The rain falls before December ends,
Autumn falls in a rainy summer.

When you hold a loaded gun,
Are you gonna pull the trigger?
Have you ever thought about,
Emotion reach our weakness.

We all just fragile,
This heart only protected by rib cage,
It just that simple,
Easily breakable,

Why are people walking?
In that lonely room footstep is heard,
People making their pace destroying others,
Making others cry and beg for them,
Enough is enough,
Talk about shit,
I'll just end up like a 7 year-old kid,
Holding a loaded gun.

A love letter,
With a bleeding roses,
Its not for the better,
But people just don't wanna lost,
On stupid things.
But, I'll fight for treasure,
and to defend the one I love the most.

In the bitter end,
People make decision,
Give it an answer.

"Ever wanna try finding the answer? Revenge hold the shadow"

"In this existences, where could I be seen?"