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November 07, 2010

"The Gun is Load, You Gonna pull The Trigger?

Look down on everyone,
A fragile soul taking the answer.
The rain falls before December ends,
Autumn falls in a rainy summer.

When you hold a loaded gun,
Are you gonna pull the trigger?
Have you ever thought about,
Emotion reach our weakness.

We all just fragile,
This heart only protected by rib cage,
It just that simple,
Easily breakable,

Why are people walking?
In that lonely room footstep is heard,
People making their pace destroying others,
Making others cry and beg for them,
Enough is enough,
Talk about shit,
I'll just end up like a 7 year-old kid,
Holding a loaded gun.

A love letter,
With a bleeding roses,
Its not for the better,
But people just don't wanna lost,
On stupid things.
But, I'll fight for treasure,
and to defend the one I love the most.

In the bitter end,
People make decision,
Give it an answer.

"Ever wanna try finding the answer? Revenge hold the shadow"

"In this existences, where could I be seen?"

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