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December 27, 2010

Missing Words

You have everything you want in this life,
There are so many ways you could get it,
But some certain kids, you gotta understand.

Not everything you could get with that shit. Nothing you could buy than things. A temporarily happiness you'll get. Each you'll only feel like things are getting lonelier. Where the hell is all the noise? Where the fuck is the rage of anarchy? What is our color now? Where on earth is the sincerity? Where is does anger I saw inside their eyes not those big fat smile and idiot laugh?

True Love?
Gone from my eyes where I can't see those much. Everywhere I look around, so many lies were told. In a bad mind what the hell much could they think? Can't they understand the heart of a girl? People are too cool they think. Emotion is gay to them. Its funny, that's the same as heartless.

Religion? You got your rules and faith. So many things inside. I stare up at the sky and laugh real hard until we had tears in our eyes. I look into their eyes and position, I smiled. Then I walk outside the door I start looking back, these all with me are different... I never look into religion... White coat, leather shoes, black jacket, anarchy and that is just like me... I don't pray all the time but sometime I did, I try to learn... I more I do, the more I just wanna step away and be myself.. Its wrong but maybe I'll understand one day.... Or maybe I don't? That's depend.

Being more like me is trash to people, I ever did tried to be something they wanted me to, it felt like machine. Really fuck up. I can't be that person, not trained person. I'm a punk

Where people could start a relationship there but I can say this, it'll never get any much beautiful than it comes without u expect it was. Somehow the Internet ruined relationship, not just that. Even young people minds.

By the letter spelled miss, there is a missing letter there, just like my side, its 'u',
I miss you