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December 03, 2011

Liz Rebel's Photography : A Beautiful Rebellion

Service, Nothing Personal

I may have friend, a lot of them. However, I don't feel like I belongs with them. Every blame can be put on me and every single shit or mistake, just point at me. I won't bother unless people could see I'm pointing at them, not blindly. There are friends out there you'll miss, high school is over. I am now free from my studies and searching for college where I could be going. My hope is that I could meet real friend. The one at my school are classmates and just friends, it ain't personal. When it come to party or something else, I rarely being invited. I was forgotten as usual. Even the previous celebration or lately. Anyway, I drop it. Like I said, I won't take it personally. Its just business. I'll come to them when it comes to business. I don't feel like a real friend. I was expecting for something better or more but they gave me less than the others. Less than what I gave them. I wasn't the one who was to blind to see it.

     My photographs, I gave them free. Appreciated? Not really. I wasn't even get paid for it except some of them who wasn't so close to me. Anyway, drop it-again.

     I hope everyone will be happy out there without me. I'm such a disaster. A real Punk, I am one. The fact is, 'we're always discriminated'. Anyway, it ain't personal. Don't worry, it happened to me already.

Happy Holiday, Liz Rebel : Another Punk's Chapter