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January 10, 2011

A Girl With A Basket.... (TRUE STORY)

See through the mountain
First thing for sure before I begin please take not this is not a story or comedy or whatever. This is not even a fairytale story or another shit. What the hell? Well for sure this is an opening, not an essay opening cause that's gonna get me a fail. Anyway lets begin.

     Once a upon a time... Cut the shit. Millions of edge but ever thought about being it? There are people live there and some they even suffer to live there? Where will that be? Ever figure it out? Can't? Of course. 

     A crocodile in the farm... Okay now cut the shit really... Thousand miles of journey I wonder where does people put their head? Have they ever think about others? Now stop the ego and give others a second of break, think of why others don't ever care about how you feel. There must be reason but why the fuck are there those who hate them for being themselves? Its funny. Since 1994 I was born I never knew I must be someone who is not me. If so then that's not Liz anymore.

     What was I'm trying to say here? A girl with a basket? It doesn't sound interesting to certain people. Yeah cause some might think the title is BORING. I know but I wanna tell a story about an amazing girl, which I don't know who the hell is that, she comes with a basket. Yeah. BASKET. So what is she doing with that basket? Selling flower... Wait, no, that's pretty common. She sells diamond, inside the basket there is a lot of luxury. Nobody would believe that cause what would a diamond do in such a basket?

     I have no idea what on earth is this? ......

The end.... What I'm trying to say is don't judge too soon.... Even in a weird way (I'm happy in my mental health)

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