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January 16, 2011

Limited Seconds

     This is the part where it'll reach your heart real deep when it come first in line where you meet your girlfriend after quite a long time you haven't meet her. From far you can see she's waiting and you start feeling worry if she's getting upset for you being late but when you're there... It'll reach your heart for the first when she saw you... and smile... Then you start acting funny or silly to light her mood up. By that time you'll get sweet and all you wanna forget is being sad... You start looking at the clock and I can tell you that all you want is to have a great time with her.

     Second thing is where you feel very free and all those shit around you'll start ignore. Sometime you even forget. You'll hold your anger and stop all the craps around you by just making her smile. You'll start buying roses or even count every single dollar you got just to spend for her. That's all you wanna do without even she asks for it but that's because you want her to be happy but one thing I know about my girlfriend is the greatest part was being by my side. I need her and always.... 

     Third thing goes when she surprises you with something you didn't expect that time. I just had a great day today and surprised kiss on my cheek. It makes me smile to think of it again and its really cute. I started to feel blush by the same time, I kissed her back. Staring in her eyes, I wish I can forever be reflected in there. 

     The hardest part was when you gonna say goodbye. I don't like it because I'm not gonna see her again. I'm feeling lonely without her. Where there are so much web of spiders, they are catching things and ate them. Like I was trap and not being able to let go of this and as the matter of fact I know, I'm not limiting myself but I'm not a happy person. Being with her makes me happy. I never smile because I don't feel like it, but when saw her.... I can cry with tears on my eyes. I miss her....

     5 hours spent, it felt like a couple of minutes. Its never enough... Really. When you say goodbye it felt like "will I ever see her again?". Once you're home you start sending her a text message then it goes on and on until the night. You'll never get bored doing it over and over again. Right this part here is the part where you start thinking how you wish it could be a lot more longer. I miss her....

     The next morning you got up, first you move like a ninja reaching your phone. I got that a lot of time.  

"I don't have the money to buy you roses,
But I'll take you to the garden,
And you'll get to be a beautiful butterfly"

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