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January 02, 2011

Schoolyard Rotten Candy

pictured taken by internet
Just registered at school. The only high school I'm study in. Real empty now. The morning I step by I know this isn't the best day of life, things are getting different but I still felt the same way it use to be. As if nothing change but a lots gone.... I wonder how does it goes before all this? It never happen this way before, when it was there....

I can feel the wind, yeah its lonely and now a lot of things are missing. I couldn't see much, cause it wasn't there. All we have is what left today, part of this left in spoken place. She was there waiting for me, the dawn for morning to shine. That makes the day an opening goes perfectly. I saw her there just now, and I smiled at her shadow. I was only dreaming.... I miss that time....

I pass her class just now, she used to sit there near the right wall. Her table was the one with a lots of writing, same as mine too. I still remember how we spent time at that class where until things are getting a lot crazier. I had tears on my eyes passing by. Its not gonna be the same this time, I'll have my time at school alone... Maybe she's going to be somewhere else.... Overseas? Far away? I'm not sure about that. Nothing much left than empty comments. Wherever she'll be, I just wish she's going to be there safely and have a great time. I'm going nowhere, not until I graduate here. My time is not over yet. I'll have a lot more to learn. 

January comes, I can't wait for February. How is Valentine going to be? I hope she'll be there... My birthday is coming too... Also Chinese New Year. Gonna head way back to JB. I can't wait for March, short the words, I can't wait to end this days. 

I'm gonna make a wish. I'll be thinking of it and I wonder too, how many people would remember without notification at Facebook?

The sidewalk,
One past funny line, where we used to cross along to the house where we went for a drink. We used to be there, and seems like it always welcome us. When there was me, there's always be you. We'll have the same drink and sit next to each other and I still remember every time you kiss me and our dinner together at beautiful places.

"Its a new start, gotta do what suppose to be done."

As the matter of fact, those sweet time were amazing.... Tomorrow will be my first at school...

I miss her

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