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January 27, 2011

Skated Away From The Youth Of Authority

     Pathetic laugh and idiot smile, definitely maybe. That's the look on my face when I was outside of my class. Even inside too. Staring to the sky, if only I could make myself free with my own wings... If only I could touch the sky and lay down my sword into the sun. All the impossible I wanna do. What if I couldn't make it? I'll stop hoping but I never look down to the ground. As the matter of fact, I never stop believing all those shit I could done. Maybe I might be broken down or misjudged. Don't matter the outcome or crap that's coming. I'll start to stand up in this youth. Sometime we felt like crying, try cry it out sometime. Sometime we felt like we're running from shit but as the matter of fact, there is no point of hiding. A true warrior stands in his shadow and light, it goes black and white.

     Sometime I felt like I was funny but the harder that I try to do that the more it shows how desperate I am. I'm not happy. I wish I can see my girl again and always but there is a drain kept separating us. I miss the old time back to previous year where it begins and cycles. Take my way back I begin to smile, if only that could happen but our days are slipping away. Each day we'll get older and we're never gonna get back any younger. Looking back through photographs I was picturing a frame of love each second of my heart pumps.

     A thick sweater, it never keeps me warm. It does protect me from catching cold but its not the touch of warmth. When I stand up and watch the vision, I was looking through the window. A hug of hers made me gone warm.. I could close my eyes and fall into it, just like how much she'll pick me up every time I fall. I miss all those feelings. The love that keeps me warmth always but in this world that each single time it makes us colder.

     60 miles I've been traveling with a black shadow sword to hold onto and a dark black leather jacket with jean. I'll get onto my feet and start the day of moving like a song. Not expected to be notice but just to shine out the person I am who isn't accepted in this town much. Don't matter what, I'll make no difference and the matter of fact, I need my love by my side...

     i miss her

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