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January 12, 2011

A Soluble Summer, I Had Too Much Coke

A Little Chapter Of The Book, "A Soluble Summer"

     I'm looking for another chapter, funny how it never does. I try to make like it was but the more I do it the little that I know. Until the day today I realize I made it another book without its front cover... Its been missing. I wonder will anyone help me up some shit to settle this but sadly, not a single bit. If I could find another chapter I'll state my message clear but for now its a morning in the night where I think that I can. Not until I end up with too many coke... What am I thinking? Or is it just another chapter of the book.

     A single day which is quite similar to the others. Yet a rainy summer on January. Invisibility to shines and with empty light that reflects my body. Nothing could make a chance. Well I was a warrior who is born to never care. Where people moaned their shit everyday and I wasn't shock expecting the already expected. Which it was that simple. Never the less.

     A black garden in the town of a small village with sixth feet tall of shadow. They say "never enter during summer". However I started to run and put down a lot part of me but no they can take nothing from me. Not even a bit of attention I was scold to be someone I hate the most and not a little sense of shit... I learned they can take nothing from me.

     A lonely day to start with, yet the longer it goes the harder it seems. The little the less that I know it wasn't just another chapter, its not even the title. It just another note of winter... Before the summer could appear when I'm standing on a day of a soluble summer.

"Young enough that I can"

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