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January 16, 2011

Tell Yourself First

     Here is the most common thing where we all learn from our teacher but some of it are really silly. Now I'm not mentioning to all of the teacher but some part of them which are actually more than half of them. They say "don't judge the book by its cover". Well I can say the cover not quite like the book. Which those people actually haven't read my book. But right this spot here I'm gonna say those teacher are really stupid where they define Punk. Have they really see who the hell are we? When I say we, I'm saying Punk cause I'm one part of it. Purely. This fellow here define it as rubbish or trash or whatever. I'll say a silly shit is going on. Not just a shit. A lot more. The hair is one symbol of it where you could see all those spikes symbolize gravity. We are rebellion and even try to go against gravity. Why are we doing this? Its not just for fun even we say it that way.

     One reason why we all go against rules is because its silly where we gotta change ourselves for not being how we're suppose to be. We hate rules but we still respect people when we're on their authority so we follow the guide line of the rules. I'm not saying we break rules for fun but rules are meant to be broken sometime. They say we gotta respect them while they don't respect us. Here is a sensitive part where they all view us like a criminal or even killer. Now I'm not just mentioning some teacher but even my own parents and those citizen. Not forget, rich people. The government is one of our enemy because they look down to us. Why must publisher reject our music because its Punk? We're just playing music with honest lyric and why doesn't stupid songs were published? What does those popular song about? I heard even song about sex, money and it could be famous. What the hell are those?

     What is wrong with our music? Have they ever heard of us? Rancid, Sid Vicious, Big D & The Kids Table, The Sex Pistol, The Ramones, Zebrahead and a lot more to mention. All they wanna do is play their music with their own way and sing it to show their anarchism. Its a voice of freedom. Where anarchy represents us stating the property is theft and there should be no master or king. Whose gonna be the king? We're all must have our own right and freedom to choose. Let ourselves decide what we want and we're know what we're doing. Don't compare us with status or money. We're all discriminated but we're not vulnerable because our spirit is one thing which is unbreakable.

     Now to mention it again. When that teacher said Punk are rubbish, doesn't he judge us by the cover? Now I know what people think about us but everybody else gotta see through different eyes from the outside looking in. Now take it a look at me, carefully. Don't rage the anger. I won't give a Punk to anyone but I'll make sure I can play with them with rocks. When it goes that way, everyday is gonna be nightmare. Well, I'm not joking but don't bully us or take it down to us. I know there are not much of people like me but anywhere you see in every country, there are some of us.

     Look at our clothes, hairs and even songs. They are all huge different but its the same because we're all Punk. Every single Punk we all treat them like a family. I respect them. Turn the page of the book, don't just see the label but read it. Read my book.

     As the matter of fact, I know they hate us because we're different. However, we never hate them back because we have our life and they have their own so why would I care? They don't like us is their own business. You can take nothing from me and its better to be me.

“Undermine their pompous authority, reject their moral standards, 
make anarchy and disorder your trademarks. 
Cause as much chaos and disruption as possible but don’t let them take you ALIVE.”
Sid Vicious (in memory 1957-1979)

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