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February 06, 2011

"A Bridge Of Marriage"

     I just done my first time ever wedding photo shooting for my teacher. A great experience. Its something really new to me, well since I said "first time of course its new". I'm not gonna write a full story of the wedding progress or events. Here is something I wanna write in this page. Love joint in a Punk chapter. Its how exactly after years of waiting and months of knowing each other, I finally be able to be into a relationship with my dream girl. She's my first love. Until today its been a long time. Soon will be our first yearly anniversary. I met a lot of people just now.

     When I saw the couple standing in front of my camera holding their hands together... It was amazing. Its just like how I like to hold girlfriend's hand. Sometime I would side hug her and keeping her safe in my hug. During the wedding, well... I took a lots of photograph.
drawn by jennifer 
"When she closed her eyes,
Reaching our lips together,
Our heart speak...

When I kiss her lips,
I'm fallen into a sleep,
Reaching into a dream,
With our eyes closed,
But never our heart"

     I'm happy to meet her. Ever since I'm dating with her, she loves the person of me. Not just a look. As I stated that "my girlfriend dates a punk". Well, she did. That was me. Don't matter what, I love her. To the deepest of my heart, I adore her... 

     I wish I could be by her side... When the dawn is heating I was lonely. When the sun sets, it felt empty without her. I miss her....

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