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February 10, 2011

Fairytale Birthday

"Set me into a fairytale story, where we'll all be the greatest"

     Respect should be hold. Each people are different. We're all made as a human. Perfectly born with a complete body. Some they ain't made it done but the harder that we see it, it teach us how to be thankful. Here's a part of a life where everybody spent their youth. I'm still fucking young but I'm a fast learner in things where we're all really don't matter what shit would do. Its not that being young is stupid or idiot. We made mistakes and some they turn into the right side or some they remain choked with those blind mind in them. When mistakes happen again the world ain't seems to be nice but there were time we must learn to beware of things from letting us down especially relationship. The truth is, giving trust ain't that easy but when it came time where we totally see it not in selfish way, that's where we'll all gonna find the key of our heart.

     Dark shadow of irreversible mistake couldn't be erase. However we should avoid them from happening. Sometime trust was taken advantage. Giving trust is hard nowadays. This world is too fat of shitty lies. When we're all a children from the step, is how we growing up. Either its too soon or too slow. Some point they gone differently but one thing that I know, a heart is just a glass... We all should taking care of it.

     A place where you belong, it don't matter how's it be. I'm a Punk and certain people respect that but a lot of them they don't. Especially the elders where they think I was too young and stupid. They never knew what is Punk like. Have they ever listen to our songs? They are amazing and wonderful way better than listening to some music nowadays with meaningless lyrics and plain. We're not the fallen of the underground and they will never know who on earth are we. All that's done it goes with a reason that no one could understand it. It don't matter because I don't care how they view us all but we're all grow up with it. You can't stop me.

     My birthday was yesterday and I made a wish that someday when time comes, I wish I'll be right there standing tall in front of everybody and left a speech with music that reach every single one of our heart. I'll be right there with an honor of respect and love by the strength of my soul where its all connected into my bones. Here's one right there where I'll  raise my hand up with with a fist that shows the strength and when it came time we're all do the same then we'll leave and walk out the place like a fairytale ending. By the second I look up to the spotlight, I'll be the greatest of it and I'll be the spotlight. Without looking back, I stand strong and hold my guitar with a microphone. Soon once you go strum, you got the music. As legend said, "you just pick up a chord, go twang, and you're got music" Sid Vicious

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