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March 23, 2011

One Last Memory By The Schoolyard

It was time where the final result of the past seniors announce. It just did. My girlfriend was there, we're both waiting in front of the hall. When it came to her turn she took the result and we were counting on it. She made it to her target and one of the top standard level. I'm proud of her and she went weak leaning on my body and we were hugging each other in front of everyone include those teacher. By that time, they don't bother about it. That feeling came where I felt like fallen deep into that hug. Words could never be enough to explain how but when I fall into that hug, I was crying. I'm happy. Its been so long I'd been alone at school. I really miss the time when we were both keep seeing each other everyday at school but that chances gone. She's graduated from high school. She's moving to go to college and chasing her dream. I felt a little left off behind.

During my class, I couldn't focus. I had this feeling inside of me which I myself couldn't understand it However, it felt like it was like last year when she was always there in the morning where she smiled at me or even hang out with me. I really wanna get myself back there to the past year. Then, I look at the calendar. Shit... I'm not moving backward. Today was the time, I could have that feeling again being by her side and spending the evening together. Not just that, today is our first year anniversary. I was wishing i could give her flower but i just can't get it. However, today is a special day. One of my last chapter with her at school again and our new chapter begins from here.

After school i met her, it was the best time. We ate at the store where we used to be and the same food that we had it before together again. I couldn't get my hand of her at all. I miss her. Real much that no one could imagine. I seems like it was 2010 except a different story. However, it wasn't but it was a new one. Where my girl will be somewhere else one day on searching for her career. Later then, I couldn't hold my tears when she had to leave. I don't wanna say goodbye. I hate it. I don't want those moments to end but it just did. I could do nothing about it. Just hugs & kisses of goodbye with wish to see each other again.

When she left, her touch was pictured in my mind flashed way back to moments ago. I miss my girl so much and i couldn't stop crying. It felt like she'll never be here again because its her final chapter of high school. The hours spent just waiting for my bus and i did walk around at school for a while. Flashed back to the time where she was walking right next to me. If only that could happen again but it felt like it won't happen again here. 

The time passed until now. It all felt so soon. It felt like seconds of time spending but forever to wait. As the matter of fact, today is where our new journey begins.

"By time I promised, don't matter what I'll right next to you.
If everyday goes by again the same way I'll be happy for it"