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April 07, 2011

Never The Less / Same

It doesn't matter how people look like but how we actually look is us from the inside out. From the hair to the clothes and through our face. I don't wanna be another casualty of society. I wanna break out the whole rules and make this life belongs to where another Punk's chapter which everyone live in. There are people right out there who never notice us but once they do, they really look down to us. Its not just about the style, the clothes we're wearing or the way we look. Its us they look. Its about us. People like me. Hear the song and I bet you that you're one part of it for no doubt.

The music I play is about how much Anarchism lives in this fucking world. When people don't see the right of our song they only figure we're the noise pollution. As the matter of fact, they don't realize they were standing in the same position. Everyone did, we do. We all do. The song I played is all honesty. Everyone could sees that into their hearth themselves once they really do listen to it. If they don't they really just another kid who's sitting behind their dad's new Ford. How sad could that be but who wants to care for those who never care to us.

The music we played is just like how our heart reacts or holds our problems inside. Its harsh and simply crowded. You really just wanna fuck it off and crash it to the ground. The heart is fragile... Once its break, don't ever come see me alive but as the glass is break just sweep it away before it hurts other. I don't give a fuck cause no one did. They will keep you from falling but once you fall, you'll never get to be catch. Every shit goes into our heart and pump together with our blood. Its really gonna splash out our last blood but its never time for us from standing on our feet because we're not dead yet.

When I stand there in front of people, they show no respect. Once I sing, they gone disrespectful. I thought that music should have been a freedom for everyone. Don't matter what you listen. Even to the world most boring song that most people listen is still a freedom even its just because the song is stupidly adorable or criminally a group of dancers who love holding their guns or swords. It doesn't matter. Whatever it is I don't care.

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