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May 14, 2011

The Opening Chapter, Is Just Another Opening

Its smart searching on my mistake. Blaming every shit on me. Once I wanna say it out something, I've fucked up. Well, I'm suck at talking, explanation or even expressing something. All I did is causing trouble, careless and screwed. Well totally. Really got tongue tied on the end but by the moment I'd said the wrong thing. Damn me but I gotta stand for myself so maybe I could show something so that you would realize it. But the harder that I try to that -really- there is not a chance for me. All I could do is keep on trying but in the end, I give up. Yeah. Liz give up on something, just too hard tor realize or to see it. And now if this is seen, still, nothing is right.

     Why did all this happen, cause I was never being tried to be understand but its okay. I myself for my own couldn't explain this shit which never matter to you. I know all the shit I said. I'm sorry. And I won't say anymore after that because all the words are just decoration and you're too strong for yourself and you are too right at every fight. But still, you actually missed one thing each time, and you'll never know with your strength right now and before. Still, I couldn't explain it anyway but I hope that you could try to see it.

     This would be final note and after this I would not be saying or telling a shit about it anymore. Just let it be there forever cause you said its always my way but as the matter of fact I know, it never does.

"Its solid like rock,
A three stand blades of fork,
If I hide behind the hidden,
It'll remains hidden and I'll be bully,
And your rebellious heart,
Might have came from me,
but just,

And none of these will be reach to the heart.
Maybe yes but I don't know if you could see,
What I was trying to show here,
Its not that obvious and why not?
Even if so you won't take the chance to get it.