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June 10, 2011

Another Destination

Its not quiet a perfect time lately. So many things has gone into my head. However, nothing has change. Not myself but things lately. I miss my love so much. Its been almost a month we didn't see each other. Its hard to contact her. I could only speak to her by Sunday. Not entirely the whole Sunday. Just for almost a day. Simply hard. Its really lonely without her. I wish I could send my kiss through the wind if its really work but I couldn't put too much hope on that. That won't really actually happen. I wanna kiss her by the lips and hug her over her body. Sadly, we're distance away from one another. I can't wait for her to come home.

     I had a chat a couple of minutes ago with someone I respect the most, Liz Arcus. In my eyes, she's an amazing photographer. After the whole chat that went through just now, she's not just an amazing photographer. What I'm gonna say is, she's also a great mother for her child. Thanks for sharing me those stories. I can't wait to hear her brother's songs that will publish soon.

     I'm taking steps to move forward and after all the time that past, I really start forgetting more. However, it doesn't matter to me now. I should have left all those things behind and moving forward without even scratching my dreams. I wanna be that amazing in photography. I wanna a great photographer one day. As the matter of fact, its not just about the photography. I gotta live my life to the fullest I could and when time comes I'm gonna left the earth with thousands of respect. Its a tradition in the army or as a person, honor.

     "What" figures an answer but my head said what is the answer. It took a long time to understand a lot of things. One thing I'm gonna state here, what if my dreams won't come through. I'm not giving up so soon but it drives us crazy when it comes to this typical questions. I'm gonna be real strong and real brave to be ready for many things that I couldn't be so sure I could face it. However, I wanna be that strong. The man that stands on the same level and status with the others but a person with respects. I gotta be that strong.

     I wrote each single days on my diary and I figure a lot of things. One thing I'm wondering, where will I stand in the future? I don't wanna be just successful, I wanna create a new chapter in the history and define to people the meaning of honor & respect. Doesn't matter what way, those things could be seen in two different ways which comes in the bright side or the dark side.

     When my girl gets home, I'm gonna be way much more special for her. I wanna complete her life and fill every emptiness inside. It'll be a big surprise. For my love.