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July 04, 2011

The Next Railway Station

Start wake up from your very first dream,
You start realize,
It was only a dream.

But the next day you realize it happen for the very first time,
You thought it was something new...

     It happen to be new and it also happen to be old but when time goes by again,
You realize nothing much that matter when it was the first.
 Because here is the thing when you found someone,
That is really new.

By time...
For the first,
It was the very old one.


It happen to be the first.
Our first mistake.
Our new chapter in the old time when we're chasing for fun
We fucked up in the end.
We made them happen like we just don't want to but look upon the sky
Watch the light.

You'll see those blue sky which you don't realize,
What we felt could be a lie.


When time goes by,
Its not a lie.
Its an exception.
A new born light behind the old shadow when you speak a voice,
That story couldn't heard.

A new glass of sight when you look out the window,
It only matter what's right.
A new born child when they cry,
They never give up hope to try until they find the right way to live,
To the fullest,
And die,
With permanent respect.

When you woke up from your dream,
You'll see what's real is right,
But the story heard was never to cry.
When the sword falls to the guardian angel,
You'll be safe here from times...

July 03, 2011

A Little Freedom, To The Bottom Of The Ocean

     Its quite awhile I'm not updating my blog anymore. There are a lot of things been happening to me. Last week, I met with an accident. It was really painful but I thank God, it wasn't any worse than others. The words 'what if''. I'm not gonna use it. I don't wanna expect any worse. Let it be exactly how it was. Today, I made my steps on the floor without any help. All by my own feet. I'm glad I don't need that wheelchair anymore. It was a hard time. Walking is difficult for me even I could walk right now but it wasn't that 'okay', yet. I'll be recover soon. I miss the old time when I kept updating my blog every single day like I'll never run out of idea. Well, I have a lot of 'mouth' to talk. It could about almost everything in life which in my point of view and I hope people would be touched and respect that.

     My name, Liz. One unique but simple name for me. What makes it unique is because I'm a guy with a name of a girl in front. Too me, I love that name. Every single time when I hear my girlfriend call my name, its always adorable. I was like ice melting to the bottom of the ground. From that sweet sound of hers calling my name. I love my name, it is the same name with someone I wanna be. That Photographer.

     Its already pass a couple of years and its quite a long time I didn't write poems. So here is something new from me again.

"I watch the fish swimming,
With its tail waving like a wedding veil,
I just wanna touch it that comb it,
With my finger,
Like she was wearing her wedding veil.

Song without lyric,
A guy with no voice playing his guitar,
Singing along with his lyrics written on a paper,
His voice was heard from a small whispering heart,
Of his sincerity.

I was tangled by the shadow,
Untangle by her beauty that lights my world,
Tangled with love over her arms,
Not a single word could explain,

Is a total white,
Is a total black,
Its totally black and white.
Are happiness,
They don't mean to be happy all the time,
Because when a beauty touch the heart,
Red is blood."