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November 01, 2011

Home & Memories

     Today was a beautiful day. Its raining outside and that's how it goes to me. Today, people gather together in class with memories which I'm not one part of it. But they were my friends and I was their classmate before. Things change after we went our separate way. This friendships weren't any stronger like we used to had back then. There are some people too who wasn't there with them. I'm just a photographer, I already get used to hide behind my camera instead of standing in front of it and interrupts the others photos. I just couldn't fit in.

     A friend of mine, who was the happiest guy to me today was the saddest guy standing in tears. I watched him and noticed the difference that could obviously be seen. That wasn't the person I know anymore, that's a real heart of friendship I'm looking at. Sadly he couldn't be there for these 2 years. It used to be his home but I'm glad to see how people appreciated him. He was one part of them. A beautiful friendship and a beautiful heart.

     I took photographs of people and lots of smiles. One day it would be a beautiful memories. For me, I wasn't brave enough to face the outcome. I hate goodbye because if tomorrow I'm going to say it, I would regret it so much. My last wish is I hope I will be remember and I found my home. It didn't matter if I wasn't noticed before at all. This bike glove gets wet when its rain but I never wanna remove it.

     Friendship is a pair of shoes with little wings and could set you free and fly away. Treasure it don't matter where your friends are from, don't matter their backgrounds and don't matter how much they treat you. For me, I lost mine before. I'm still searching for my home.

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