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December 03, 2011

Service, Nothing Personal

I may have friend, a lot of them. However, I don't feel like I belongs with them. Every blame can be put on me and every single shit or mistake, just point at me. I won't bother unless people could see I'm pointing at them, not blindly. There are friends out there you'll miss, high school is over. I am now free from my studies and searching for college where I could be going. My hope is that I could meet real friend. The one at my school are classmates and just friends, it ain't personal. When it come to party or something else, I rarely being invited. I was forgotten as usual. Even the previous celebration or lately. Anyway, I drop it. Like I said, I won't take it personally. Its just business. I'll come to them when it comes to business. I don't feel like a real friend. I was expecting for something better or more but they gave me less than the others. Less than what I gave them. I wasn't the one who was to blind to see it.

     My photographs, I gave them free. Appreciated? Not really. I wasn't even get paid for it except some of them who wasn't so close to me. Anyway, drop it-again.

     I hope everyone will be happy out there without me. I'm such a disaster. A real Punk, I am one. The fact is, 'we're always discriminated'. Anyway, it ain't personal. Don't worry, it happened to me already.

Happy Holiday, Liz Rebel : Another Punk's Chapter

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Maryline Martine said...

The idea in doing business I supposed is that you make it clear that you are doing the service in the first place. Never did I know that you would charge for it. Of course everybody thought that it was like a sort of give-away, until in the end you say you charge for it.

You did not say anything about the fees to me when I passed my memory card to you. You should have said that 'oh I charge for these things' in the first place. Do not expect everybody to know that you're coming for business, some might presume of other things. Ja. I only knew about it once Nizar gave me back the memory card last year, to be exact, around two days before. But of course I cannot say anything about it. We sat for SPM, I cannot meet you to cancel my request. Oh boy, I was not pleased either. First time reading your blog, I wish that I will pay you someday, but you made it pretty clear here that you are giving it free AND you did not claim for it. Now I'm truly sorry boy. This I regret.

Ja I do Appreciate your photography though,everything was extremely nice, your photographs should worth something right? I straightly delete those nice stuff. Not because I don't appreciate them, or thought that those are ugly, no, but because I believe you are doing your business. Of course it does not matter to you just like the time you did not bother to mention that you would charge for it.

Glad that you can get out from the high school though. Somehow may it be a lesson next time. cheers. :) it seems that you are a little bit way too emo on the photographs. I know I'm part of what you mentioned up there.