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June 28, 2012

Ice Land

There are no rules...
No holding back.
I step on the wrong land...

I guess its about time for me to step away from everything. I gotta be something more than any could have expect. It is all stupid. However, I'd been stupid enough in letting myself to flow by the stupidity that made me a puppet. No one can touch my weakness. By the end of June, I will be the ultimate strength of shadow. I will stand for my own believe and I swear, I'll pay each and every price I have too. I am a freak, a monster in such a little weak body but there ain't gonna be a word of weak. I will change my weakness and nobody can touch that. Nobody could realize it too.

I hate the fact of life, I hate the law of it.

Someday I'll step on the a new land. Someday I'll will stand back where I have to and someday I'll get what I deserve. I swear when that moment of life comes, I will cover the horizon to ice. I will cover the world to ice and shadow.

I will...

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