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August 02, 2012


Years already passed. Now that I am here, almost 2 weeks living up with a new journey here at college. I could barely forget the world I stood up with.  Where was I from the previous years, how do I sounds like or even how it was used to be. There are things I love where I felt the freshness of my love like how it used to be right back from the start. I also learned what it’s like to feel right being in some friendship I’ve never been through. Sometime it could be silly, funny and ridiculously stupid. I also felt the joy of having of roommate. Been talking and laughed a lot too but why is there this little tear inside my heart that made me felt like I’m crying a little. Whispering inside my heart how blue was the sky used to be.
                The sky was blue, why is there a presence of a small unhappiness inside of me. Through times I learned the world “alienated”. I felt the presence of that inside of me. Sometime, I realize the dark jealousy was there too the moment that I couldn’t realize it. I was busy picking up boxes to arrange in the right order to define the rhythm of my heart. It was confusing. I’m lost inside myself. Am I losing the feeling of realizing I’m alive and my existence was reality? Or am I dreaming in my own world making my own illusion? There are question that stuck inside my heart, however, I just stop battle inside my own dream.
                I just want to stay by reality, I’m happy. My girlfriend is always as beautiful as she used to be. Being adorable and very lovely that made me felt the existence of me in reality. Slowly I picked up the line and pulling back the trash that I wrote before to the other side of the world.
                Such fantasies don’t exist but if we live our life in such an honest feeling, we felt happier and realize how beautiful it was. Not a word could describe them.
“Gravity is just a law that basically we hold onto but there is magic,
that brought us to the unthinkable.”