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September 30, 2012

A World That Was Never There

Valentine, where had you been missing? I'm whispering to you right now can you listen to me?

Just tell me what should I do right now until I could reach out the sky and become powerful and immortal like you? Just how much louder should I scream until I can stop feeling the pain inside of me. However, enough is enough. The world of mine had slowly destroyed by the hand of Valentine. When I had the ability to awaken Valentine, on my own hand by myself I'm crashing every pieces of my life without hesitation. But then why am I not happy at all? I'm all stuck inside this black hole that I don't find a hope...

I run but I cannot run.... Such bitter memories always let me fall whenever I tried to run... Every piece of those fun memories are escaping but I couldn't reach out. My left leg is hurting so bad and I can no longer move at all. At the middle of the field I was crying and right there I saw a magical shadow that shines from above the sky that is trying to pull me. My tears are dried but I take my blade out and slash every piece of the shadow with full of anger. I don't care about anything. I have no hands to hold me and I am above the world, not others.

I will move in any possible ways no matter how desperate it is. And I swear I'm not an Angel nor the Satan but I am a God by myself in my own world and someday I will find that world!

Just no matter who is stopping me, I'll break through it and break it really hard. Whoever comes to hurt me I'll be prepared with a very valiant shield that will block it and then I'll destroy every piece of the world really damn good!

I don't laugh or I don't cry. I'm just a doll exactly the one that I collected. those are my friend for my lifetime. They are my only friends for now. Who cares about such shit in this life anymore? Someday, I'll destroy this life. I just made my statement here and as the matter of fact, I'll make it happens soon.

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