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November 29, 2012

A New Chapter of My Life

When I look at her,
I just realize the lack of possibilities to reach her out.
Just like some stuff that I wanted, rings, necklace, jackets and knives...
I just don't have the money to get what I wanted so I'm falling down,
Hopelessly hoping.

But then today I found the full moon, after a long walk I spent...
At first it was so dark that I almost given up hope.
Hours of walking then I found that full moon.
Brightly appears smiling at me.

That I just realize,
Maybe what it takes in this life is time.
Everything and every single part of me too.

Right now, for what happened in the past.
I accept the way it is and I believe it ended here.
From such a beautiful story and it has to end up this way.
But I will remember to look at that sky,
Seeking out the memories.

I'll learn from there.

I met many friends here in a new place in such limited time.
I'm happy. Right now, I dare to say it out.
I have many groups of friends.

Hanging out together, spending time together that I didn't realize the sun rises already.

That's what youth was all about.

To cry, to laugh, to smile, to grow crazy, to fall in love and to learn everything.

Right there from the spot where I found that moon,
I would say,
Maybe not for today.
But perhaps someday,
I would be able to reach out what I want,
And instead of looking at it and waiting for God to send us miracle.
Let's do something about it.

Like for the rings,
Before you ring it over your finger,
Go through a big journey of getting it.
Sure I'll be ringed with honor and meanings.

So I'm working on my life,
To go on and remember to breath.

God had given me the beautiful sight of life,
And its a sign that had spoken to me for ages.
Right now I'm not giving up hope to find another hope.

I know who I am better than anyone could ever did and from such friendships of life,
I've learned so much that I know how far could I be and I believe,
That whatever we do,
Never forget to enjoy your life and smile.

Because those smiles keep you stronger than ever.

Life had change ever since these two months of my gone.
But I accept it as a goner.
Step up, pick up my sword,
And fight,

I found it inside of her.

My studies,
I made it the best. And my lecturers are proud of me.
I'm very happy and full of support.
I've done my best and nothing distract me.
So I believe my wings and potentials.
Whenever I thought of falling down,
Right now,
I could only thought of,
Who would push me up?

Whoever it will be,
I'm sure they are my friends, my groups and my lecturers.

And her up there on that beautiful blue sky,
I'll reach her out.
I don't know the future and possibilities,
Even I'm lack of time,
I still wanna believe in it and I'll fly just a bit more higher.

I will try my best!
Work harder and instead of focusing on our problems,
Let's focus more on the solution and the future that is beyond our expectation.

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