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December 20, 2012

A Hero, Somewhere From The Heart

My name is Liz. I can never mention myself as simple because there isn't anything simple about me or my life. It's very complicated and I had been screaming to the top of my lung. I'm broken, into pieces that was impossible to be counted. I'm bleeding... My feelings, my emotion and my mentality. I kept catching those broken pieces of mine but they are as tiny as dust. I could never get to catch them all.

Am I giving up into this life that I call shit? Am I giving up to my biggest enemy who is despair?

I can feel it, my heart is burning. Telling myself I am still a hero for myself, my own pathetic world that no one would give a damn toward it. However, I hold onto it. That's all I could do. Who would be there to look into my life and knowing the obstacles I'm facing. This whole damn world is just as obsess of who's the best or who's having sex. It doesn't matter to me.

Hero, I'm certain...

I had gave up recently towards saving hope of my life. However, today, I stood up again. And I've learned a very important part of me today, I was never dead to fight but I will fight until I bleed for the last I would. I wouldn't be Liz for nothing if I'm not Liz. Liz I knew until now is a person who tries with lots of hope. He failed but he never gives up to find a way to retry. That is me right now, finding a sword for my own, to battle and maybe I couldn't be a real hero.


Somewhere I've learned, before a hero save someone life, he must be able to save his. So I look at this pair of hand of mine, that I had been using for so long. And this heart, it still there to have feeling. That pieces of my heart, I've learned it as a deletion. Where to eliminate negativity and grow up. It's only the matter of time and it is also part of growing up. So I wouldn't mind crying over and over again but I swear, I will keep going to achieve my target to break the law of gravity, and to crush my enemies real good. Who are my enemies? Despair!I will never give in to you so I would fight and fight with the energy I had. Even if I ran out of it, I knew somewhere or somehow I would have friends to supply me with the hand of hope, giving me spirits to boost the limitation of the impossible.

From that point, I've seen my "Arcana".

"La fool, infinite". Maybe I'm not the pure holder of it but I carries an infinite numbers of possibilities and I could reach my own gravity without giving up. Be stronger!

Here I am with a reason to fight. I thought I had lost my dreams and faith. But hey, I never forget to reach out to the horizon and be the ultimate hero.

That's what an Aquarius is right? To live with its bottle for its shape, so I'm shapeless and I would never stay trapped and give in to despair.

Fight harder. All that it takes is myself and my heart. I have no one to share these tears on my eyes with but I still have this sword to stand up, and be a hero.

LIZ stands for Life, Ink and Zero. 3 very important things in my life.

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