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February 04, 2013

A Little Something

What would you think of me now?

Looking at such a man who stand above his very own pain. Drying up his own tears for the sake of becoming stronger. These whole months that had passed had been the longest time of my life and I too had forgotten its February. It should be my happiest month of each and every single years but it has also reminded me how my birthday used to end up.

But that's not what I wanna say...

There is no one place is this town that you had gave me direction to go, yet.

Being strong and proud is my only option and I couldn't have a chance to say thank you for many things.

Time is the biggest fear of my life. I hate it so much to wait and waiting will lead me to a waste of my time and a waste of my feelings. I'm still giving a little hope as much as I could to believe what I used to. However, there are spaces of that room fulfill with hopes had been darken with shadows.

Maybe someday, perhaps...

I could feel it on my skin. The touch of love that I had been hoping for.

An Arrogant Voice of Mine

There are some people who came from a very dark places. They are not as kind as the way people think everyone could just be. To be true, there are certain things that cannot be change for sure.

Here is another punk chapter, a rebel, an anarchist.

The fact of mine to break the law of gravity is how I wanted to make this world an upside down. Why would I wanna do so? I got this question over and over again. The only answer for that is because I hate this world and I wanna open people eyes to see and judge the way I feel about it. With such disaster too I could control this whole world and bring it into a place where human could be blame. Even if I'm part of a human but my heart and soul had brought me to somewhere only God knows. I live in the dark side, burning my very own heart and throwing away my humanity inside of me. The pain can never eliminates my kindness.

I'm burning for the sake of becoming stronger. That's how I have lost a little of humanity. However, it don't matter if I does. Until someday when I had successfully awaken the shadow in my heart, I would completely turns the horizon in layer of ice that keeps this world cold and the sun will melt it so the whole earth would be cover by water... The gravity is to be blame for pulling it too.

An arrogant voice of mine had spoken, when will time come? I don't know but I'm looking forward for it.