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November 09, 2016

Day 4

Day 4 : sorrow

It's sad that I've never seen most of my friends visited me by the cafe yet.
Wasn't there for the opening ceremony.
Wasn't there for the next month either.
That's why it's all bullshit.

Thousands friend 😂
But not up to 5.

Kch friends?
The last time I went to Kch, everyone had their own priorities.
I went there twice to be disappointed.
You know how much I wish I never wake up from that sleep?
So fucking much because the sacrifices I've made back in the past had cost me the most precious treasure of my life.

For those I called friends that were barely visible in my life.
For the stupid dream I thought was supposed to be the golden escape.
Human are shit aren't they?
So do I.

Friendship goal huh?
It sucks they only look at ONE fucking mistake while there's countless kindness blindfolded by that particular mistake.

But that's okay.

If only I never wake up to this shitty life.
If only life isn't shit at all.
If only people aren't shit too.
If only God ain't making more shit too.


You can fuck off.
And put me back to my sleep.
Or perhaps, you want me to face another heartache.
Well, that'll be facing her right?

I certain to face her.
But you always keep us in an intentional distance.
And that's why I have no faith in you at all.
I don't even want to acknowledge your existence.


And oh.
Please return me to my sleep.
If that was a demon's work, lemme be.
I guess I could make a bargain for it.

She wanted my jacket that night.
In my arms holding me tight under an umbrella.
Up until now not many have seen her with such expression.
Not many know her existence yet.

We were hiding under a grey umbrella.
It was raining last night.
She has the same scent of a lavandula.
Drop my pride and keep her warm.
But that's a lie the devils made me live for it.
I was a complete to fool to fall for it.

Lemme back into,
Into your arms,